How Iqra University transformed your life

How Iqra University transformed your life

Written by Hafsa Ameer

I made the decision to apply to Iqra University MBA programme because I wanted to learn how to use business as a tool to create prosperity for the millions of people striving to eke out a living in Pakistan. And so far, IU has not disappointed.

Seven years ago I graduated from Jinnah University for women. I found great admiration for marketing while working in a digital agency, to me, it was like a dream pursue mode. Considering marketing as my future path, I applied for many universities for MBA programme but the core and optional elective courses the other universities were offering were not as per the international requirements. Then I came across Iqra University and read about its MBA programme and the courses and electives the university was offering.

The good thing of being in IU is having a good confidence when you are presenting an idea in your course presentation. While at IU, I went through hundreds of case studies where I had to put myself in the situation of a manager, executive, or CEO. I debated issues with course mates who became truly amazing friends (something I will discuss later). Sometimes we agreed; other times we disagreed; but one thing was clear: we were building what I call our “confidence muscle”.

Over my 1.5 years at IU I put myself in the position of decision-maker so many times that today, I am confident that many of my classmates and I, if given the opportunity, will successfully run companies and, perhaps someday, countries. This does not mean I would not make mistakes, but it means that we have developed the confidence to not shy away from positions where we know that many people’s lives depend on our decision. And as I learn about people who have changed our world, few have done it from positions of fear or anxiety. Confidence and courage are necessary.

This year, I have spoken to hundreds of people about the research I am conducting with IU Professor on “The Nexus Between Social Media Marketing Activities, Brand Awareness & Purchase Intention of Pakistani Customers. A Mediated Moderation Model”. I am hoping not only my thesis get cleared but also would be hoping to have a positive impact on my MBA after successful defence of my thesis.


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