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Are we actually prepared for Artificial Intelligence?

Are we actually prepared for Artificial Intelligence? "Philosophically, intellectually—in every way—human society is unprepared for the rise of artificial intelligence" Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting a lot of attention these days, particularly in the technology industry and in corporate boardrooms. AI is also becoming prevalent in consumers everyday lives. Consumers don’t always recognize it as such, as corporate marketing experts prefer to avoid technical jargon and instead use consumer friendly names like Siri and Alexa – but for people that are more technically inclined, the ubiquitous presence of AI is hard to miss. AI is not a new concept. In fact, its roots go back several decades. So why so much buzz now? Is this just another technology hype that is going to fade, or does it truly have the potential to bring about transformations, either good or bad, of epic proportions? Le

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