Bragging of getting a new opportunity in your career

Bragging of getting new opportunity in new career

"If you can't be humble in your career, there is no stopping in your destruction.."

So here is the deal! I will resign from the job for which I have been working since past 7 years and then I will enjoy my notice period followed by joining into new organization, and post the pictures of the luxury and privileges I will be getting, sounds pretty cool huh??

It does really sound interesting, I am like , its a dream come true that you would be getting luxuries and privileges in a new company and sharing it on social media to mock my old company. But the reality is you are calling a wrath upon yourself.

But why?? What's the reason of calling this action "a wrath"?? I means why I would not be sharing my luxury pictures in my new workplace, isn't it great???

The thing is that you have forgotten the opportunities that were provided to you in the first place to polish your skills and basing your foundation on the skills of which you'd been mastered and then on the basis of that you took the opportunity.

Its not a bad idea to move over to a new company , everyone does who thinks that learning and privileges should not be stopped before him. But the reality is you have to be thankful to the previous company that has given you an opportunity to shine high in the sky.

Pomping up the new company in the social media will derail the position of your previous company and there might be scenario in which your new organization starts to torture you with handing over a great work load to you.

It is therefore necessary to keep everything to yourself so that you can be in good terms with both of your past and new employer company.


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