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Taking care of bullies at the workplace

Taking care of bullies at the workplace "Bullying is an act of hiding cowardness before society.." Ever wondered why you have been harrassed at a workplace or at your school life?? Yes I am asking you..have you ever wondered why?? Well no need to answer as everyone has nearly faced this situation in their lives. When you put your first step in school, you get to see some people who don't like you because you are way better than them. So the "Bullies" would kick off with their catchy trend which is ganging up on you and try to humiliate you or downsize you in a manner that you would nearly break down. They will keep doing this until you health detroits. "Bullying is bad, and even worst when you don't fight against it.." In the second phase, they will try to break a fight with you and eventually trying their level best to hurt you

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