Taking care of bullies at the workplace

Taking care of bullies at the workplace

"Bullying is an act of hiding cowardness before society.."

Ever wondered why you have been harrassed at a workplace or at your school life?? Yes I am asking you..have you ever wondered why?? Well no need to answer as everyone has nearly faced this situation in their lives. When you put your first step in school, you get to see some people who don't like you because you are way better than them. So the "Bullies" would kick off with their catchy trend which is ganging up on you and try to humiliate you or downsize you in a manner that you would nearly break down. They will keep doing this until you health detroits.

"Bullying is bad, and even worst when you don't fight against it.."

In the second phase, they will try to break a fight with you and eventually trying their level best to hurt you to the core and pulling out the despair factor from your inside. As a result you would have nervous break down and a fear of your bullies would be inhabitated inside you which would freak you out all the time.

"Bully can be of any form, be it in professional life, you have to learn fighting against it.."

Even you succeed in surviving the school and college bullies, there will come a time when you will enter in your professional life and a new career set would be present before you where you will have to showcase your abilities to grab the bigger opportunities by climbing up the corporate ladder. But wait..? Did I miss that bullies would be there for you to welcome you..? Yes that is correct. It is not possible to not having a bully in a workplace just like having no ketchup with burger. Now in the workplace they would not punch you in a face or gang up on you. In this scenario they would try to make you a bad person by giving bad impression of you to their peers or even the senior management that holds your promotion.

Now what you should do? Should you fight with them OR more precisely tell the management about it? The best answer is .. have a recorder with you and when your bully comes, try talking with him/her and make sure the recorder is on. Once recorded, send the recording to the Human Resource of the company and tell him/her the whole scenario. This would bring all the facts and figures before the management in your favor and ultimately it might result in bully losing a job.

Pretty cool right? Precisely you should never break your cool character before anyone and you should be brave enough to fight hard against your bully. Just make sure to never break before a bully as this would give him/her a chance to break you even harder. Hoping this article would bring motivation for you and you would be able to lead a happy life, always remember.."Life is Beautiful".


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