How to be transparent to avoid miscommunication

How to be transparent to avoid miscommunication

"Major problems in industries are due to miscommunication"

When we are working on a project, we always think that there will be a definite cycle of initiation, planning, design, execution and maintenance and once the cycle is completed, the project is over. Ideally its a mind set of number of people working in tech/non-tech industries. But when it comes to communication, the so-called definite cycle becomes vulnerable due to commitments to impossible deadlines and fault at communication level.

What really happens is that management proposes a solution with an opportunity to gain project or product contract from the client, client wants to make sure that service provider can actually deliver the product within less time frame work so client agrees with the solution provide with a condition of strict short time framework. Management thinking that we have a batch of supermen and wonderwomen working in their company, agrees with the time line and making sure that they can get it delivered within the framework defined.

"Never complaint about failures if you can't learn from them.."

Now the real game starts, management appoints a project manager and hands over him/her the brief of what client wants, but no written document just a verba chat. Project manager writes down the chat and documents it in problem statement format, lesser known that the chat he/she had management had some loop wholes due to lack of communication.

Project manager goes to discuss the problem statement with technical lead and technical lead designs the framework with respect to the document. On the basis of it, solution is implemented and project is launched and then once proceeding with demo, and with client watching the entire demo, client would be like "This was not supposed to be made, we don't like it" and then woosh.

Now management is venting anger on project manager and then project manager starts blame game with techincal lead for not getting the solution rightly implemented.

The above scenario is the case of every industry, what we can really do is we can make sure to minimize the miscommunication by adapting following rule.

Project Manager should take other stake holders as well in project discussion rather than being a jack of all trade

It should be the foremost responsibility of project manager to gather all concerned stake holders when a project is assigned, in this case more suggestions would come in discussion that would be handy in solution implementation and hurdles would be identified. Its actually a good practice in adhoc project/product based environment.

Strong coordination and feedback from technical team

There is no shame for project manager in discussing and getting feedback from technical side on better product/project optimization. Getting regular feedback and constant communication with client will help in proper optimization of respective project/product.

Getting confidence from management

Getting acknowledgement on implemented solution from senior management is vital as this would get the entire team transparent on what it has built and what its going to deliver.

In short adapting these above custom based rules, you can not only get your project done, but also it will help you in client retention and increasing clientele due to your sound knowledge of communication process in project/product.


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