Finding motivation in a stressed situation

Finding motivation in a stressed situation

"Motivation comes with the need to accomplish.."

I remember the time when I was highly stressed in my final year project in my university days, not just because it was incomplete but because I was unaware whether it would be accepted or not. Even before presentation, I had a sleepless night just because of the fear of possible rejection of fyp and that if rejected I had to repeat it again which could turn out to be the worst nightmare of my life. So the day had arrived and I had no idea what could be the result, as when presentations were being presented, my heart was pumping up to and fro, as when my presentation number was just about to be called, I had a freaking cold feet, I was shivering while that day was extremely hot, but somehow at that I realized that what if the result would be determined by my efforts and that if I perform valiantly, I would consider myself a survivor and that the fear would be over. I did perform valiantly and thank God I was able to overcome my fear and from that time I was able to give any presentation confidently.

Sames goes for our day to day professional and non-professional lives, we are embedded with fear of losing as a result stress is created which results in low morale and ultimately defeat. One thing that I learned from my personal experience that whenever stress occurs, think about alternative ways to accomplish your objective and try your level best to attain it. Be it professional life, try to complete your objectives either by hook or by crook. This would definitely show your competitors how competitive you are and in this way you can definitely prove your worth.

"There is no such thing as defeat, either you win or you learn.."

Then what happens when you are about to fail? There is nothing to worry on this, when you fail, learn the points that deviate you from success, and work on them and not to worry about how much time it would take. Work hard and work like you never did before. Perform some revisions of your efforts and show the world that you cannot fail.

"Life is an exam, embrace it and learn from it.."

So to summarize, always appreciate the challenges and embrace them rather than creating fuss and stress from them. In this way you will be brave enough to cope up with situations that are beyond your handle and you will be facing them with a smile on your face. Happy beautiful day to you all and always remember, "Life is beaufiful".


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