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Finding motivation in a stressed situation

Finding motivation in a stressed situation "Motivation comes with the need to accomplish.." I remember the time when I was highly stressed in my final year project in my university days, not just because it was incomplete but because I was unaware whether it would be accepted or not. Even before presentation, I had a sleepless night just because of the fear of possible rejection of fyp and that if rejected I had to repeat it again which could turn out to be the worst nightmare of my life. So the day had arrived and I had no idea what could be the result, as when presentations were being presented, my heart was pumping up to and fro, as when my presentation number was just about to be called, I had a freaking cold feet, I was shivering while that day was extremely hot, but somehow at that I realized that what if the result would be determined by my efforts and that if I perform valiantly, I would consider myself a survivor and that the fear would be over. I di

How to be transparent to avoid miscommunication

How to be transparent to avoid miscommunication "Major problems in industries are due to miscommunication" When we are working on a project, we always think that there will be a definite cycle of initiation, planning, design, execution and maintenance and once the cycle is completed, the project is over. Ideally its a mind set of number of people working in tech/non-tech industries. But when it comes to communication, the so-called definite cycle becomes vulnerable due to commitments to impossible deadlines and fault at communication level. What really happens is that management proposes a solution with an opportunity to gain project or product contract from the client, client wants to make sure that service provider can actually deliver the product within less time frame work so client agrees with the solution provide with a condition of strict short time framework. Management thinking that we have a batch of supermen and wonderwomen working in their co

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