How to become productive in life

How to become productive in life
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"You cannot become successful unless you want to be one.."

You always want to be successful in life, always need something that could cherish you up and can provide you a way of passive income so that you can enjoy your life at your fullest.

In order to become successful you have to believe in proper planning and try to distant yourself from the negative people that lower your energy and puts you in distress and thereby leading you towards pessimistic approach.

Believe me I have never thought of changing the gear of my life for a long time, I was disturbed, despised by the negative people keep on judging and misguiding me, my life had no meaning, then one day, I evaluated myself as where I am now and where I actually want to be?? It gave me an idea of writing my experience and how I was able to overcome the difficulties and getting away from the people who were giving negative vibes all the time.

The first thing I did is that I shunned all the extra curricular activities that were benefiting me at all example watching youtube funny videos..and making friends on facebook. There is no doubt that facebook has benefited people a lot in terms of connecting and knowledge sharing but it does not complete all the aspects of the scenario.

Take this example: No matter your goals, whether you're an active athlete or just want tone up and feel better, we can help you reach them. At the heart of every program are principles that bring strength, flexibility, and longevity to the bodies we care about. Each instructor is guided by the same mantra, which is, "You can be you. You can be what you want to be without restrictions." We are committed to that philosophy. That idea, "There is no such thing as the gym too far from the sun.

The second thing you can do is learn an alternative language , or in my case any foreign language would help, this would open your mind and you would never forget anything because you have kept a good and healthy knowledge of a foreign language. Now people argue that how would it benefit the person, my answer would be "it would benefit a person in terms of writing good article , healthy content and speaking fluently to people who are mastered in that foreign language".

In order to become successful following are the things that you can do to improve yourself and outlasting the procrastination :

Read good quality books

good quality book

Imagine yourself in a world where you can achieve whatever you want and the only way to do that is reading good quality books

Yes, its true that assessing a quality worth book can give you thousand ideas to implement and can help you in achieving your dreams but for this you have to stay persistent and target oriented, because dreams are not achieved within a day, they take time to nourish and matures with devotion and passion.There are various ways you can take sometime from your life and enjoy a good book may it be related related to entertainment, information, drama and any category, because gaining knowledge is not confined or limited to any one book, so be cool and enjoy any book you want.

Learn to coordinate rather than becoming a boss

Communication and coordination

We have always been told that you are the boss of your own life, can it actually be implemented in reality?

Its true that we have always been told to be a boss but in life, you have to coordinate and communicate in order to achieve one goal because your goal might be someone else's goal as well for his/her life. You never know when you can counterpart your fears via good and healthy communication. Many people have reached this goal to a height that they have been proclaimed as life coaches and this title is one of its kind.Lets say I am guy who runs a company of over 100 people, as a boss my main job is to watch the people who are loyal to the company and who are not, but as a leader I will make sure that I can elevate the career and growth of the people who are working for me, in this way I would not only harness my skills as a leader but also would be able to make someone feel that he/she is not alone and it would be my responsibility for uplifting the career of the people who work under me.

Enjoy life

enjoy life

You don't own your life to anyone except your parents, so just don't try to engage in emotional blackmails.

Now I have seen people in depression just because they are middle class and have to feed a family. Now I am not against this idea but in order to achieve success, you have to juggle between two universes like both your family and your dreams, don't forget that people who live in hard times do not always live in hard times, there comes a time when more power and more investment is in your hands. Lets say I work grow a tree that took a lot of effort and time from my end and then someone comes up and say hey I am your well wisher, can I take benefit from this tree, in this case you have to think that what I can get from this person in return of the benefit that he/she can take from the tree that I watched grow. Now here you have to master self control as people would take advantage of your simpleness and extra quoted sugar niceness, you don't want that to happen right? So for it, stay alert and make sure to keep an eye on the black sheep around you

In short life is full of ups and downs so don't worry and be in your rhythm, there is no harm in elevating yourself and thinking about yourself for a little bit. Cherish your dreams, enjoy the life that surrounds you, respect the people who give your respect and stay away from people who don't even care to greet you. Many people would believe that this article is already been written somewhere, I would say that go ahead take reference from those articles, because my aim is to give back to the community as it would give me an eternal peace.

Always remember one thing that you cannot achieve everything in your life, what comes in your life appreciate and nourish it, what you don't have, work for it but do not blame anyone for not having it, because everything is pre-planned for everyone and it is upto God to decide what is best for a human being.

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