Remove Jealousy and envy from your daily life

Jealousy can easily destroy relationship just like fire burns down an entire forest

Jealousy is one of the worst enemies of human when it comes down to ruining one's life for good. Jealousy stems from the source when you feel insecure about your loved ones success and become arrogant when you hear any news of their success. Its natural for human to feel jealous and eventually sometimes its not amicable to control the jealousy that's boiling inside the human being. The great scholars and philanthropists suggested that if you feel good inside, the world that surrounds you will give good vibes to you and if you are not feeling good inside then you will feel insecure before the surrounding world.

The jealousy can be seen in kids when other class mates secure highest percentage OR marks in exams while one could not. He/She will make sure to spread negative vibes or even taking a jibe at the kid who does not even know when he has done and in this way relationship starts to derail in the very beginning.

As far as women are concerning, jealousy comes off in the form of beauty, makeup comparison or figure look. Women can easily embroil jealousy within them with just the parameters mentioned and you can say its hard to even control this jealousy at feminine side because it always becomes bilateral even you try to stop it at feminine side.

Men on the other hand have little bit of jealousy stemmed as they are the working force in a house hold who only want to provide food and style to their families so they don't even have enough time to even think of jealousy in the first place despite this virtue being very little stemmed, men still feel jealous in terms of promotion, salary, height, girth, size and anything you can name it.

Now the question is that how you can deal with this jealousy thing???

a. Stop getting negative thoughts in your mind as these thoughts are the origin of jealousy creation. Try to be cool and simple instead of being show off just to satisfy your ego.

b. If you cannot help then cannot criticize, now this is one of the most difficult part to do as your ego grows when you grow with respect to your age but you can easily implement this option by staying neutral and not criticizing everything at every time. This can eventually help you in achieving peace in your life.


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